Saturday, May 25, 2013

Global Corporate Challenge - 10,000 steps a day

My company is part of the Global Corporate Challenge where in groups of seven, I am suppose to log the number of "steps" I make each day over a 16 period on to their website. The GCC Pulse (seen above) is a very high tech pedometer that was given as part of the challenge. The steps can come from everyday movement such as walking, jogging or even dancing. I guess the idea here is to get people off there chairs and continually moving. You are suppose to clock at least 10,000 steps each day. I suppose that is the minimum requirement for an active lifestyle.

And to make it interesting, you compete with other teams from other parts of the world and the total steps taken as a team will move you virtually from Rio de Janeiro, around the world. There are ways to cheat but that defeats the purposes of the challenge, that is to have a healthy lifestyle. Personally, I find it interesting to be able to log the number of "steps" I make each day and it so happens that the first day of the challenge was on the even of the Vesak Day. This would mean that the count for the day would no be representative of a typical office day. Furthermore, I will be going for holiday soon and that would mean more walking and less sitting around. I guess I will lose some weight and find correlation between the steps taken. What gets measured, gets managed.

If you company is not part of this Global Corporate Challenge, I suggest you highlight it to your management. I do not think it will come cheap give that it comes with a website and two GCC Pulse. But it is worth a shot.

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