Friday, September 5, 2014

Down but not out

The portfolio shrivelled in terms of stock value due to the SGD 0.30 distribution by Envictus (Formerly Etika). At the end of August, the value of shares was worth a total SGD 67,500. If I were to include capital injections but exclude dividends received, I would be 14% down year-to-date. Including all the free cash and dividends however, I am 4.5% up year-to-date, or 0.6 percentage points weaker than the STI during the same period.

The under performance  was not the reason I have disappeared. I was away for NS ICT for most of the month, staying in camp or at home resting when the chance is given. It was meaningful time spent probably because it is only my second call up!

Anyway, I will use the time from now to the end of the year to scrutinise or clean up the portfolio. I have been neglecting them for a very long time due to so many distractions and commitment. One thing will definitely do is clean up on those stocks that have lost a lot in terms of value, specifically Wilmar Internation and Biosensors. I probably bought Wilmar at the peak while for Biosensors, I sat on the stock's price escalation for way too long. Some of the penny stocks may have to follow as well. Furthermore, I have a considerable amount of cash sitting on the sidelines and I loathe to channel it to other accounts. Research on stocks is way over due. One of the more interesting things I discovered was that VICOM is now SGD 6.19. I wonder how many people bought and sat on this stock since March 2009!

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