Thursday, October 2, 2014

Portfolio ends Q3 2.8% up YTD; high on free cash

My portfolio including the value of dividends and free cash at the end of September, increased 2.8%, versus the 3.4% increase over the similar period by the STI. Approximately 30% of the portfolio was in cash or unused dividends, meaning given the recent meltdown as a result of the demonstrations in Hong Kong, the decline would have been worst. I personally think that give 1-2 weeks, the whole issue will settle down, although the downtrend has been terrifying for some.

I did some transactions on the final day of September. I sold my two lots of Wilmar at a 20% loss of value. I also bought some 10 lots of shares in waste collector, Colex. I have since added another 43 lots to my portfolio. It is a very illiquid stock which makes me wonder how am I able to dispose of my holdings in the company without incurring high transaction costs.

Entering the last quarter of 2014, I think it is time for me to clean up my portfolio even further.

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