Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fully invested with F&N buy

I am typing this on my mobile because typing on my PC feels like working. After the many recent sales and purchases, I have utilised all the special dividend distributed by Etika and I am now fully invested.  My latest purchase yesterday was F&N. I may cash out on Etika since I am.overweight the basic consumer sector. More details to follow.


  1. hi there, care to share why u chose FNN? why not say SPH or Singtel?

  2. I had read an article http://www.fool.sg/2014/04/10/whats-left-in-fraser-neave/
    and I was convinced what was left was worthy of keeping. yes, they have sold away the brewery business but I think there is still upside for the diary business. This will be the next Etika, whose dairy business was bought over by a Japanese company.

    SPH has become almost a property developer as its print business is stagnating. Property market is currently going through a down cycle, so earnings growth won't be there in two main segments.

    SingTel. I don't quite like buying telcos because they have high capex and are highly geared.

    Overall, I think F&N has got more legs than the other two mentioned stock.