Saturday, October 24, 2009

Coming Soon

will post my portfolio update tomorrow because the brokerage is undergoing maintenance till then. and so the dust has settled on transcu and the price is close to $0.14 cents. with the notes now cancelled, dilution as a result of conversion seems likely as hopefully the company can find better sources of financing.

I think jamie from the business times wrote a followup on the company last friday and there, she said that the volatility of the stock has not led to a query on trading by the SGX. you might think the question she asked was naive, but i think she meant to say it ironically. so it is always a case of buyer beware in the marker when it comes to anything. remember, similar to the casino, the banker runs the gambling tables so that so one makes money of another person but not the banker. in the long run, the house always wins.

transcu has also stated that it makes money from cosmetics and green energy. but the last i checked, the two segments are not able to provide the necessary income to offset the research and development expenses. moreover, I am also unconvinced transcu can implement a successful sales strategy for its lidocaine patch. mind you, this product is still in the midst of testing and it has not begun the rigorous phase three yet. that is going to be more money burning. how it will keep afloat do make a guess. you have been warned.

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