Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cool Tool At

Here is a nifty tool you can use at Shares Investment's website. You find any stock, click on it, then try to find the "comparison" tool bar. Some of the functions on the website are locked, but you can still use this "comparison" tool.

This shows 4 things, namely the intraday change, its trailing Price-to-Earnings, Price-to-Book ratios as well as how many subscribers have the stock on their watch list (I think).

What I like about this function is that it allows me to quickly see at a glance how a stock's PE and PB are in relation to its peers. However, it does not show who exactly you are comparing with in terms of constituents to its benchmark index. For such comparison, you will have to use your Internet platform's stock screen.

As mentioned before, I do recommend using the stock screens provided by DBS Vickers. There is also a slight problem because I do not know where they get their data from as some of their calculated fields differ from what I can get.

That said, tools that allow for comparison of key characteristics does not imply to individual discretion. Nonetheless, such tools are useful as a first step when you are buying stocks.

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