Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Do Most Stock Bloggers Prefer Anonymity

And why do most people who want to deal with your money plaster their face all over their blogs?

I some times have the urge to post a photograph of my face. I reckon that with my face on this blog, I provide some sense of security. If you can see how I look, you may think that my high forehead gives me ESP that helps me stay abreast of the stock market.

However, there are plenty of anonymous stock bloggers, myself included. I guess the reason is that while we would love to keep track of out portfolios, we do not really want people - especially strangers online - to know what is our net wealth. The negatives outweigh the positives.

Then there is another group of bloggers, those that potentially stand to gain direct business from traffic from their website. They are not shy to flaunt their credentials and share their analysis on many stocks. But these people do not tell you what is the size or gains from their portfolio. If you knew how their portfolio performed, there is even a higher chance that you may not trust your money with him or her.

Then there is another group of investors slash money managers. They appear on the mainstream media - may be because they were successful - and share with the public how they achieved their financial wealth. They too do not go to exact details but only vague generalities: make more, spend less!

Lesson here is that you have to be careful of everyone, including me. Who knows, one day, after achieving enough designations, I would want to become some one in a position that benefits from you moving your money. May be I will write a book and boast of the huge profits which were tracked on line. Let the reader beware.

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  1. 1. I rather remain anonymous and there is no need for publicity as I have little to gain from it and that is the reason why I declined to do CNA Live interview on retail investor's style and strategies.

    2. Unwanted attentions may come if more and more people come to know one's net worth especially when it reaches a certain level so we need to be extra careful on this matter.