Friday, October 8, 2010

New Job, New Challenges

The portfolio slipped a little due to the addition of C&O into the investment portfolio tracked. A quick peek at my spread sheet showed that I have invested about $18,500 of my own money from salaries.

There was not much in terms of corporate action. The excitement over Biosensors has come down quite a bit. Shares of Etika International have started trading on an XB basis. Sidenote, China Animal Healthcare has issued a circular for shareholders to vote on its listing in Hong Kong.

Having said all that, I would like to apologise to you for not updating this blog as often. The bulk of the reason stems from the fact that I am no longer able to devote as much time previously to tracking listed companies. Nonetheless, I have learned quite a bit on the new job. But the traveling time is making me sleep earlier and less likely to run to keep fit and to pass my IPPT.

Anyway, I would like to ask if anyway knows how to calculate my portfolio return on an IRR basis? I tried the Excel formula advice on one website, but it can only count my returns as if I invest on a quarterly basis.

Further, come next year, I will most likely reduce the frequency of my portfolio updates. Instead, I will use graphs to measures. As I say this, I realise that I have yet to build up my saving for future committments and that most of my money is in stock!!!

Anyway, I'm telling myself that once I hit that $20,000 mark in terms of own money pumped in, I better look towards saving for marriage and probably housing.

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