Thursday, October 14, 2010

Salary Poll: 40% Of Readers Make More Than $75k Per Annum

The poll that has been going on for almost a month received lukewarm response. Readers were asked how much they were paid a year including bonuses.
To my surprise, 41% of the 53 who voted made more than $75,000. That works out to be around $5,700 a month if we were to factor in a 13 month component. The full results follow:
Less than $30,000       :           8
$40,001 to $50,000     :           6
$50,001 to $75,000     :           5
$75,000 and above     :           22

I wished the poll could have more field but then it would have become a pay survey, easily obtainable at other websites. Fields I would have included are how many years in the same position, education, etc.

My guess as to the demographics of these 53 readers, are that they are English-speaking. Those that are the highest paid are probably very long into their jobs. Those falling into the less than $30,000 segment are most likely students and fresh graduates.

Anyway, you can try to read this . The write up talks about how job hopping can be better for the individual in terms of accelerating pay increments and how companies actually condone this practice, while lamenting why staff do not stay.

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