Friday, November 5, 2010

Action Asia Declares 0.5 Cents Dividend For 3Q10

Happy Deepavali! The portfolio traced higher from the previous week as the markets anticipate the Fed's next round of quantitative easing (QE2). QE2 has had the effect of weakening the dollar against all currencies as the demand for dollars cannot keep pace with the rate of green backs printed.

Action Asia, declared a 0.5 cents dividend for the third quarter ended 30 September 2010. That is good news for me as the stock has been stuck, but is returning profits to shareholders.

Elsewhere, I may have overlooked it because of my work schedule, Etika and Templeton have not reached an agreement with regards to a proposed bond subscription by the fund. That is one less bullish factor about my favourite stock.

Meanwhile, I am looking at investing close to
$1,500, or more if I sell any stocks. Hoping to boost my existing holdings in presumably good companies ahead of the end year purchasing spree. C&O and Asiatic Group remains my choice targets as the first has good earnings growth and the latter, the element of surprise (lol).

Also, Biosensors, which has had a tremendous run up recently, will announce half year results on 9 November after trading hours. Be sure to look out for the impact of the new sales in new regional markets as well as projects in the pipeline.

While a bit premature, I may post my portfolio in a monthly basis, or try to use Google documents to create a chart linked to my spread sheet, to track my progress. I really have to stop buy more stocks and save for other activities in 2011!

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