Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010 Singapore Exchange Top 20 Year-to-date Performers

This is as table similar to an earlier one, but I have excluded those with market capitalization of less than USD 1 billion. There is nothing much I can value add to the discussion as most of these stocks are out of my reach and radar. What is noteworthy is that most of them are USD denominated. I am not sure if the weakening greenback has made the stock price appreciate, as investors can borrow Sing dollars in the current low interest rate environment and buy sound stocks.


  1. I got a different question. Why has asiatic been dropping in your portfolio?

    How about Cogent holdings to add to your portfolio?

  2. I have not been really tracking it. I would guess that after the initial enthusiasm of breaking into power co generation in Cambodia, the revenue from that segment has since slowed down abit on uncertain demand.

    Asiatic has been trying to get a toe hold in several energy projects in the region, mostly through small investments.

    However, since Asiatic is highly geared, it would be most prudent that the revenues from those segment quickly increase. I cannot tell you exactly how geared is the company, but cashflow will be a problem if those projects do not reach a profitability level, enough to pay off financing costs.

  3. Anony@7.27,

    this is your answer$file/Bond_Subscription-Ann-20101116-7th_Tranche.pdf?openelement