Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who Didn't Buy OSIM This Year

A new Straits Times journalist wrote "Bought Osim stocks this year?" as part of her review of the top performers in the local stock market in 2010. This got me thinking quite a bit. For those with good memory, you would also be aware that OSIM was also the best performer for 2009.

In this instance, if you had sold your house and bought shares in the massage chair maker, you would have become famous by now.The reason I say so and hence the title of the post, is that most of the people I come across, that are termed successful investors, have bought OSIM. I just so happen to flip an old copy of Pulses (soon to be discontinued) and the founders of Lumiere Capital said that OSIM was one of their best buys.

Not so long ago, a person appearing on Lorna Tan's column, said that he too leveraged on the strong performance of OSIM. Or was it Golden-Agri.

Yet I am curious, why did not anyone ask Ron Sim himself how it feels to see his wealth quadruple within 2 years immediately after the worst recession ever?

I believe I am ranting but I have a point. And that is OSIM is sure a hot stock but that does not make a person fully invested in that stock a good investor. I believe the term gambler - a derogatory epithet at poker tables - is more appropriate. Nonetheless, fortune favors the brave. OSIM for a hat trick in 2011 anyone?


  1. The journalist is writing his article with the beautiful benefit of hindsight! Of course it would look simple to him.....

  2. hey MW,

    I dont think she meant it that way... haha.. its just a review and so they have to do attention grabbing headlines. But it is always interesting to see how OSIM has done 2 in a row even though nothing much has changed to the company fundamentally.. other than Andy Lau of course... haha