Saturday, December 11, 2010

Week 49: Portfolio Trends Higher Amid Interesting Times

The portfolio trended higher higher, this time due mainly to the announcement that China Animal Healthcare will finally carry out its proposed dual-listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The listing will be by introduction and a few batches of shares have been transferred to the Chinese territory, as part of its listing on 21 December.

I say that this week has been interesting times because while the heavy weights were losing steam, the penny plays have come into the spotlight. Apart from China Animal Healthcare, other small caps that saw plenty of shares traded were Bio-Treat, Consciencefood and for today Armada Group.

This is week 49 and there are 3 more weeks to go before the year comes to a close. The portfolio has gained 40 percent but that is not factoring the recent acquisition of C&O Pharma as well as dividends.

For 2011, it is very unlikely I will invest further as I will be bulking up on my savings account. Alternatively, once I get the critical mass, I will start investing again.

But it should not be soon as those who follow this blog know that I just changed jobs. As a result, I am not going to be entitled to a thirteenth month bonus or any increment. That is a downside but overall, work has been good.

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