Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 50 Stocks On Singapore Stock Exchange On 52 Weeks Basis

Just for kicks, I went to find the top performing stocks over a 52 weeks basis, using my stock screener courtesy of DBS Vickers. What is unsurprising was that almost all the stocks that tripled in price were under a dollar. The most expensive stock that made it to the top fifty list was OUE, which was just under a two dollars.

The Top 10
  1. Sim Siang Choon was that stock that gave its shareholders the best returns over the defined period. Previously a retail business selling toilet bowls, due to investment by Ezra Holdings-linked vehicle, it has become transformed into an offshore and marine play, with a slant towards India.
  2. OSIM International. For the second year in a row, the massage chair maker is one of the best performing stock on the local bourse. Last year, it was number one. Its phenomenal rise has been attributed to many things such as its write-off of Brookstone as well as its support by investment funds. OSIM has also a share buy back scheme and has been penetrating the Chinese market. Last heard, CEO Ron Sim said that the company is on the lookout for M&A targets.
  3. Sunvic Chemical. I totally know nothing about this company. But I understand that the stock made its climb up in terms of share price only within the past three months.
  4. Nobel Design. As above.
  5. Bright World. Stamping machine maker that whose revenue comes mainly overseas.
  6. SP Corp is a diversified industrial group whose interests spans from making tyres to even commodities trading.
  7. GMG Global. Enough has been said, can read more here.
  8. Juken Tech. No eye deer.
  9. Trek 2000 International. Maker of the thumb drive?
  10. UMS Holdings. Technology play.
I will go to the library and dig out an old edition of Shares Investment to see what valuations these top performers were trading at. Comments are appreciated as usual.


  1. how about top 50 worst performance?

  2. Some of these counters may be so thinly traded that you may not want to hold any of them.

  3. Dear anony1, i think i did the worst performance before in 2009 but i did not have the time this time round.

    Anony 2, agreed. but no one said about holding them. it is mostly FYI purposes. as you mentioned, their lack of volume probably contributes to their price gains.