Friday, July 1, 2011

Busy Again - Portfolio Down

Life has been very wicked. I was for sometime, having relatively quiet moments in the office. Suddenly, after going for an unscheduled half-day on Wednesday, I am now due to fly in to KL on Monday for presentations. The work on my table has since stacked up above my head and it is a Friday.

Yes, the portfolio went down. Despite the short term rallies, the portfolio has not been able to benefit due to the large exposure to small caps. Greece announced its austerity measures Bill was passed yesterday, ensuring that it is on the way to foot its bill to the EU. I am hopeful that there will be short term dips that gives me the chance to buy-in, if I want to.

If by the next week, there are good volumes in the market, I believe that we are in for a strong if not at least firm finish, all the way till the end of the year.

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