Saturday, January 28, 2012

Losing weight through walking

I have recently started walking for about one hour in the evening. I do this when I do not feel like going for my run at work or if it rained at the evening slot. This was also motivated by my pregnant colleague's. nurse's advice. She told her that she should try to walk for an hour after each meal. My colleagues felt that it was a difficult task considering they have to lug their swollen tummies around. Moreover, where do you find so much time anyway to walk at least three hours? Anyway, for those who are health conscious, you can visit this website, Calorie Counter ,where you can have a reference how what you have to do to burn off the calories from a Snickers bar for example. Some of my friends and colleagues have also used it as their daily calorie counter, for diet purposes.


  1. thats good better than running. u have to discipline though.

  2. Hey,

    I am not that old or pregnant. Just that running requires a lot more motivation!