Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Portolio and other updates

This is an interesting read from Uncle8888. He shares with us his very long experience and journey holding on to a stock that eventually rose multiple folds in price. My only issue with his post is that the returns will only be fantastic if the whole portfolio comprised multi-baggers. Anyway, I have provided an update of my portfolio on my other blog. Feel free to read.

Some random things that have caught my attention this week, were the scandal that has rocked the Ministry of Home Affairs and the one that have affected the Worker's Party. I bumped into my friend and while talking about it, I told him that last time, Goh Chok Tong did tell people to leave Steve Chia alone, when news broke out about his inappropriate relationship with his maid.

But my friend pointed out that one reason why no one in the PAP has told the media and public to steer from discussing the private lives of politicians, was that its own house was in disorder. That did not occur to me. My own take is that this even will cost both side votes. More interestingly, I would not be surprised that more skeletons will appear from the MHA closet, as investigations probe further.

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