Monday, January 30, 2012

Why should you publish a book?

I read this link from that was fed to me through my LinkedIn account and it has reignited my desire of publishing a book. To summarize his article, he says that bloggers should self-publish due to the ease and channels available to them in this current age. Furthermore, bloggers already have content, they just need to repackage and enhance that content to monetize it. Although his article is America-centric, I do observe one or two bloggers having done so, one investment blogger who I really cannot remember his name but received plenty of online flak after he published. Another is a political blogger, who published his poems. Interestingly, self-publishing is something a lot of "entrepreneurs" who have made it  big through real estate investments or internet marketing have done. When I go to my local Popular bookstore, I see stacks of them with their faces plastered but I am sure it is used to drum up their "credibility".

Considering that I only have three years of investing experience, I do not think I have enough experience to publish into a book. Once you publish, you lose your online anonymity that drove you to blog under a pseudonym. Furthermore, there will be a lot of time and money (lesser than before) involved to put what you have said into ink. That is despite having published them in your blog. Ultimately, the reward for self-publishing is just the act itself. You may not get the money or recognition but you can consider it a mission accomplished.

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