Sunday, September 6, 2009

August Recap; Will I wake up when September ends.

Sorry for the belated postings. I have been flooded at work.

A quick recap of August.

The most notable has been the wild fluctuations in the the stock market. Notable stocks that have been steadily appreciating in price are: Sinotel, Genting Singapore and RTO Seroja Investments.

Going forward, there is one stock you should keep a look out for, Falmac.

It is also another RTO target this time by Peter Choo who might want to inject his mining assets into this troubled textile machine making company. I am suggesting only a small bet on the day it is lifted from suspension. This would take place after its EOGM at the end of Sept.

Before it got suspended, its last done price was $0.06. Also, Peter Choo and his associates own a large chunk of the company, despite its accounting iiregularities. What I dare hazard a guess as, would be that you should make a bid within 10 bids of this price ($0.06-0.11).

I do not know how they are going to solve the financial problems, but if they do, it would make Falmac at least worth $0.20.

you have been told.

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