Saturday, September 26, 2009

A look a the Portfolio

I will try to post a screen shot every week and add some comments. At the moment, I am up by more than 80% and that includes all the dividends from FY08 and the current FY. This is a simple number because theoretically, I should calculate on an IRR basis to factor in the money I added at various times.

Do note that the average price stated above is inclusive of $56 of in/out brokerage charges. This gives me the ability to know where my realised loss/gain will be at first glance.

For simplicity's sake, let us trek how the current market value of stock $18,925, grown by pumping in $10,005 accumulated since February, performs each week. I will hit excitement point when this number turns to $20,000 (plus maybe $300) as it means I have doubled my capital.

The readers should try not to look at his portfolio every day. Rather weekly checks should suffice. During the week, it would be preferable that you check the filings on the SGX websites for any expansion plans, dilutive issues, etc.

Picks right now are Etika and Ausgroup.

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