Tuesday, September 22, 2009

$10,000 Fully In Stocks

Following a rumor (something which you shouldn't do!) I bought 21 lots of Stratech, this brings my portfolio to $10,000 (plus a little spare change) fully into stocks.

My $10,000 portfolio now looks like this:

5 Asiatic

3 Biosensors
7 Elite KSB
10 Etika International
4 FJ Benjamin
20 GMG
21 Stratech
2 TPV Tech

The market value is at $18455 without deducting for brokerage. My returns on capital is now approx 82% as of 22 Sep. The returns are inclusive of dividends as I have added in all dividend accumulated for FY08 and 1H09.

I will explain my picks from later posts.

I'm quite happy!

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