Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Books To You Must Read

most retail investors try to look for the way when it comes to investing. my way is a mix between fundamentals and market timing. i will admit upfront that i am not adept at technical analysis. i prefer to look at general economic signs as well as look at the stock in the particular.

there are three books which i deem to be the cornerstone of my stock picking.

1. Kenneth Fisher's "The Only 3 Questions You Need to Know"
2. Jim Cramer's "Real Money"
3. Peter Lynch's "One Up Wall Street"

I will add a fourth one, Morningstar's "Five Rules for Successful Stock-Picking"

If you read these four books, I will guarantee you that you will save more money than any get-quick-rich seminar, as well as, improve your stock picking.

I will have a series of stock-picking and portfolio education posts so do keep a look out too.

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