Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reasons Why You Should Try To Read Business Times

I have a subscription of Business Times at the office which I get to read. A columnist that you should look out for is Teh Hooi Ling (left). She is a CFA charterholder as well as the writer of the "Show Me The Money" series of books. It's actually one of the rare few books on the Singapore stock market that is not trash. There is so much trash on the book shelves that I wonder why does not Ms Teh's book get sold out.

Her column on the Business Times is primarily on portfolio strategy, show casing portfolios of various constructs premise on different formulas. There are a wide range of investing ideas like investing in the biggest lossers, highest yield, etc. She tracks her portfolio fortnightly if I am not wrong and it is definitely worth a look. Borrow from your friend if you don't have a subscription.

Nonetheless, I believe that Business Times is not a value read like the Straits Times. I still believe that the Straits Times plus your checking of the SGX filings should suffice when tracking your portfolio. But Business Times does have very insightful opinion and commentary. Sometimes, very aggressive pieces get to print, raising questions at the financial regulation authorities for perceived lack of oversight.

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