Friday, February 12, 2010

ChinaMilk Suspended. Great Way To End The Year of The Cow.

The portfolio recovered. Elite KSB announced results. Revenue and earnings were boosted largely by its acquisition of Jordon. However, it has stated that it remains affected by the strengthening Aussie dollar, which will affect pork prices.

FJ Benjamin has also seen an increase in buying activity after an earlier sell-down by institutional funds. The story for it for me at least is that it will benefit from the opening of the Marina Bay and RWS IRs.

ActionAsia has been relatively silent. the TDR story has slowly faded from public minds. Hope they will announce a good set of results.

Well, I feel very very lucky to have sold off China Milk. Yes, some of my recent acquisitions have not been good. But i can't help feeling a huge sense of relief cutting my small holdings in China Milk. I even manage to make some money before the whole convertible bond issue triggered a suspension. RIP.

Read a nice article by R Siv of the Business Times. He was saying that we are trying to find reasons for the market sell down in the news, when in reality, there has been a decline in money supply (to my surprise). he said, citing a report, that M2 and M3 measures of money have actually declined year on year. Well, now you know.

Next week is Chinese New Year. So enjoy the break it gives you away from the stock market. Cheers. Or rather, Gong Xi Fa Cai

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