Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese New Year Gloom And Portfolio Diversification

The portfolio showed some improvement with Asiatic being a star performer, although there is no newsflow. China Animal Healthcare, despite all the media time, has not showed any improvement in terms of share price, most likely due to the fact that it did not distribute dividends.

Here is a screen shot of my portfolio from DBS Vickers with a brief run through.

My biggest and one of the oldest holdings is in UOB Kayhian a financial brokerage which gives good final dividend. It is lagging behind Kim Eng in terms of share price appreciation. I like it very much because of this fact and that it is one of the larger caps in my portfolio, giving it some stability.

Etika is a slightly recent entrant. Most of the stock were bought with money from earlier sale. This is also a good dividend play, although it runs a lot of risk should the price of raw material for making dairy products go up, a very likely scenario this year. I like this one because of the enormous potential in a very stable and mature industry.

Biosensors, a growth stock, and GMG Global, a cyclical make about 10% of my portfolio each. All things being equal, they hold some promise to me without being compromising in financial integrity.

TPV is a large cap stock that might ride on the wave of the commoditization of LCD TV. I have only 2 lots in it because I did not have alot of money nor was i confident about the longer term prospects of a maker in TV. However as recent consolidation in the industry has shown, size will matter and it will be a matter of time before this company gets taken over or crumble on its own inefficiency.

Elite KSB, a meat processor, takes up 8% despite being close to a micro cap and very thinly traded. I like it as part of my general obsession with food related industries. The strengthening A$ will however make it very tough to boost bottom line. But it has not stopped giving a consistent dividend every year, pssibly due to the fact that its major shareholders are from within the family. (To be continued)

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