Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Portfolio (Continued)

A brief run through of my portfolio continued from the earlier post.

ActionAsia makes the entertainment sets in the cars and buses you see. Its manufacturing facilities are based mainly in Malaysia HK and probably China. ActionAsia also has become some sort of turnaround stock in the manufacturing sector earlier in 2005-6. It is still in the midst however of announcing the completion of its TDR facility. The results are due to be announced soon and I hope they keep to their promise of distributing a healthy dose of dividends.

FJ Benjamin. High end retailer. Did a brief on it not so long ago so I wont repeat.

China Animal Healthcare. Thought i managed to get a bargain buying in at 26.5 cents. Turns out the bottom is even lower, closer to 22.5 cents that is despite an earlier runup to 30 cents. I dont think this is a bad stock. will have to see how the proposed qualifications to its manufacturing facilities will pan out. hope this S-Chip wont burn me.

Asiatic. Bought 5 lots at 8 cents and now it has close to doubled. This counter still makes fire fighting equipment but has move full steam into the power generatin business in the French Indochine. Let us just say that this sector requires piling lots of debt and that is something you have got to look out for.

Stratech. A Turnaround which i bought into the hype from a the edge article. it has failed to clear 5 cents for a long time and i and waiting for the good news only in May. it has been very vocal in the media which is something that i worried about a company. this is because they tend to do this to drum up interest and then possibly dump their stock in the open market.

So that has been another brief run through of my portfolio. will do more stock ideas in the coming weeks.


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