Friday, February 26, 2010


very busy week at work. thinking of possibly doing another kind of job then devote more time to online writing. does not pay well, but gives me alot of freedom.

UOB-KayHian. Somebody should do a study on this company. If i remember correctly, it has not always been with UOB since who knows when.

For its latest financial year, it declared a sweet dividend of $0.075 cents, bringing total dividend for FY09 to $0.08. I expect when the better years come, it will give close to $0.10 like it did in the previous year. That is a good return for a stock that i have held for close to one year!

Asiatic has had a great week continuing from last week's tremendous run. ActionAsia has yet to announce its financial results which i think is due over the weekend.

yes. the stock market has been terrible. but if you had made good decisions to buy during most of the time last year, you will  have made more money than a fix deposits.

if you really are very risk averse, right now with the reporting season out, try to look for stocks that have high yields and are consistent in doing so. SingPost may not offer growth, but it sure gives great dividends that you should store to make more purchases, rather than consume those dividends.

There are also a few consumer staples stocks that give consistent dividends and QAF is one that comes to mind. To be honest, after reading much of Siegel's work, I am quite convinced that when you buy stocks when yields are very high, downside is pretty much limited.

In any case, if you need a discussion of your portfolio or bounce of a stock idea, you can email me at I will be happy to take questions as ideas i can write for my entries.

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