Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Dick Davis Dividend

Read the "Dick Davis Dividend" - the book on the left. Despite its thickness, it was very readable as you only have to pick a few chapters. The better chapters are the one towards the back where he shares his wisdom in investing by ignoring the noise you hear from interested persons.

I thought of writing book that has reviews of the books I read, and drats, after reading the DDD, I realised he stole a march on me.

Almost every major book on passive investing versus active investing has been covered in this book. I would say that if you have an advanced knowledge of investing, this is as book you should borrow to widen your knowledge. Took me about two days to read the main points. The rest were mainly advice written in first person narrative, on how to manage your money.

As you can see, I have tinkered with the layout. Hopefully, I can beautify it even more with real photos taken while I am unemployed or something along those lines. Hopefully I don't get unemployed first. haha

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