Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Must Hit The $28,010 Mark

The amount of cash that I have coughed out from my pocket, excluding those capital gains and dividends, amounts to $14,005. I am fully invested the last time I checked my bank account, which was earlier in the morning. But I am aiming to hit a portfolio value of slightly more than $28,010 inclusive of dividends, free cash and all capital gains reinvested

Some company updates are in alphabetical order:

Action Asia
Nothing much heard. Their TDR has taken the longest time to recieve AIP. Wondering what will happen if the deal does not go through. Will have to read up more on the effects of issuing new shares for TDRs but the deal gets cancelled.

Nothing heard out from the company after a recent runup on good volumes.

Stock is taking a beating and has plunged below the $0.80 mark. I will have to look towards the upcoming quarterly report for guidance. In my opinion, the stock has not fallen more than I had expected it would.

China Animal Healthcare
Currently in the money for this stock, I suddenly developed a worry that its cash position might be a little suspect. Will do more research tomorrow on how its recent acquisition impacts the cas position. The last I read, it was an interested persons transactions meaning to say money went from the listed company to the target, which is linked to management.

Etika International
Rose quite a bit the past two days but is correcting after the news was out following a query from SGX.

Elite KSB
Stock has risen but unable to escape the $0.20 bid mark. For those following this stock, the A$/SG$ is a very important data point as in impacts the margins for their pork.

FJ Benjamin
Recieved some press coverage for its latest signing of an agreement with DeWitt time pieces. I don't expect any fundamental improvements till much later in 2H10.

GMG Global
The runup sizzled but there has alot of shares changing hands suggesting something sinister. The price of rubber should trend upwards as the global economy recovers, improving the demand for cars in Europe and in China.

Still out of the money for this stock. Stratech has been recieving some press coverage but looks like it has yet attract or convince the market that it is a good growth story, considering its previous failings as well as a boss who has skirmishes with the law.

Some big company bought a significant stake. This company requires more monitoring as the industry it is in, is always in flux. I see more consolidation and hence opportunities and threats.

A good set of dividends. The stock is creeping up as people accumulate it for the dividends.

I will post Target Prices for individual stocks soon in my next post scheduled over the weekend.


  1. Hi there!

    I'm compiling a list of Singapore Investment Bloggers...

    Have included your site in the list, appreciate if you can also do a link to the site.


  2. Hi, I realised there's no blue chips in your portfolio. Perhaps you could consider adding some in the future?

  3. congrats. wish i have your foresight with small cap

  4. oh, cause i do not have the $$$ so i have to make do with UOB-KayHian. Not exactly a bluechip but it is stable enough to give 7.5 cents to my average cost of $1.30 per share