Saturday, March 20, 2010

don't be greedy!

Iust a quick post before going for some seminar. was reading tan kin lian's blog talking about land banking as well as the comments by others. I really agree. when so much money is at hand, you must relax and don't get pressured by the sales person. There are really many ways to con people of their money, and the easiest way, which is not even a con tactic, is to pander to their greed.

Because you are greedy, that is why you fall for get quick rich schemes. Consistent high returns from land banking or any regular saving plans really mean high returns for the person selling you the stuff. Always have a healthy dose of skepticism and DIY for your investment. If you really have to time, then outsource your money management to someone at the lowest price (expenses etc) because higher returns can never be guranteed.

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