Monday, April 19, 2010

5 Reasons You Should Stop Looking At Stock Quotes

Do you always find yourself staring at stock quotes at home or at work, or worse, on your mobile. Stop it! It is very often a waste of time, time which you can spend to read a book, do exercise or heck find a new job. Anyway, here are 5 reasons.

1. Stock price movements get more random, when you go from day, hours, minutes, seconds scale.
2. It is bad for your eyesight if you keep looking closely at the screen
3. If stock price drops very much, it is bad for your health.
4. If prices are random and you prefer seeing good things, end-of-day quotes should have a higher chance of ending up then by the second.
5. Investing in stocks are for your retirement, so don't spend the your active working life staring at the screen!

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