Friday, April 16, 2010

16 April 2010 Portfolio

GMG Global seems to have stepped off a pace, staying at the $0.23-24 mark. Biosensors on the other hand has reclaimed its $0.80 mark due very likely to a corporate presentation in Japan or somewhere expensive.

For those who still hold on to TPV Tech (like myself), it has made some considerable gains climbing past the $1.00 mark. Do I expect better things to come from this LCD panel maker? Yes of course!

I have to be mindful though, that Action Asia is also doing the same thing (though its customers are much different).

Looking ahead for next week, I expect there to be little excitement in terms of trading volume. I expect catalysts for the coming week to be from some of the blue chips which are and have been posting results, although the Singapore market should be taking its cue from America.

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