Friday, April 23, 2010

From $31,075 to $60,350: Is It Possible?!?

I was having this though at night, would it be possible without adding any more cash into the portfolio, so that it can grow from $31,175 currently to $60,350 all by just leaving all the stocks in my portfolio alone?

Let us make the simplistic assumption that all this could be done if the all stocks just double in price within 1-2 years (the shorter the better). That could be my primary trigger to sell, other than STI 4,000.

Why are there some stocks that I don't not believe to have to probability of doubling from today's closing price? This probably relates to whether they are a stock for the long run.

Elite KSB: I would love to see this stock become a multi-bagger, but margins remain low. I can it hitting 30 odd cents tops with the stated time frame. I do believe that it has growth prospects but it will take sometime for its story to really catch own with the investing public, like what Techcomp has done.

TPV Technology: It is already a very big company and in a very capital intensive and competitive industry. Go Google RCA before you have any pretensions. Slightly under $2 will be a reasonable price to let go and take profit.

UOB-Kayhian: It is another large cap with almost no growth prospects other than perhaps Thailand. Nonetheless, I love it for its dividends. If things go well for a year or two, FY10 dividends may reach $0.14 per share, which based on my costs, gives me a more than 10% yield. Woot.

Too Optimistic?

What about the rest of the stocks in my portfolio? Why do I think they can double in price? Am I being a bit too optimistic?

The main reason I believe that they can double in price, is due to the low base effect. Simply put, these are mainly penny stock and doubling should not be a problem in a very euphoric market.

Am I being a bit too optimistic? Like I have earlier alluded to in my other postings, I believe that some of the stocks that I am currently holding do have that certain quality. Take Biosensors for instance, heart disease will be a really problem and Chinese people are going to need all the help they can get. 

Or natural rubber. How often due you get a multi-year bull run due to the coming of age of an extremely large and important economy. There will be a bust to every boom in a cycle, but enjoy it while it last as people get more cars and GMG Global that ride I am hitching.

Any comments?


  1. Hi it is possible. Just FYI, my portfolio went up by 150% during the tail end of the bull market in 2007. Its value at the time was almost similar to the market value of my portfolio right now, but then my cost was much lower. As long as you buy good companies, their market price will appreciate over time.


  2. Congrats if all your stock picks hit TP's. U wd be much much better than most fund managers and people with money wd beat a path to your door.

  3. hey anony,

    seriously it is all just luck plus the fast that so many are small caps and that i did not really put alot of money on each of them..

  4. Seriously, you should be thinking if those stocks have the potential to drop by 50%. Don't worry, you are not alone with such optimism, as it is typical when the market had advanced significantly. I know because me too.

  5. i doubt they will drop 50%. we are maybe in the early stages of at least a 5 year bull... that is not to say that there wont be corrections like the one we have been experiencing

    your skepticism is definitely good IMO...

    once everyone has the same fantasies as me, then maybe it is time to run road.