Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fisher Investments On Consumer Staples

Picked up a copy of the book at the library. There are seven volumes to this series published by Fisher Investments, It starts out promising as it run through my favorite Consumer Staples sector - which includes companies that manufacture and sell food and beverages, tobacco, prescription drugs, and household products, to name a few. The guide is comprehensive in that it looks at the various  industries with in the Consumer Staples sector, their respective macroeconomic drivers, and the challenges facing companies in this sector.

But fell flat till the end as I realized that back few chapters on security analysis and portfolio management were repeated stuff from the "The Only Three Questions That Count". If you had bought Kenneth Fisher's book, you would have felt slightly ripped off. The book also draws quite a bit (at least one chapter) of research from Jeremy Siegel's " The Future For Investors" which is fair, as Siegel is indeed the authority on the subject.

Overall, I would recommend borrowing it from the library than buying it.

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