Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st Quarter Portfolio Review

As you might have already know, the STI created a new high on April Fools day - STI 2,943. This is somewhat slightly higher than what the blue chip index started year from. The portfolio from 31 Dec 2009 closing, along with the addition of China Animal Healthcare and Elite KSB on the other hand, gained 18.8% to the current portfolio value of $28,700 (dividends, gains reinvested), with about $100 spare cash.

Dollar wise, Etika International added the most gains. In a distant second was GMG Global which racked in gains over the past 2 weeks, but has since slipped to $0.150/0.155 mark. Elite KSB was a surprising third having gained most on 1 April on the usual thin volumes.

I am finding it a bit hard to keep track of fundamentals of the 11 stocks that make the portfolio. Overall, the most badly hit remains Biosensors International.
Although it managed to recover some ground all on the first day of April, the feeling is that it will give it up later over the next few weeks as the sentiment on this "S-Chip" pharma is edgy to say the least.

2 companies I am keeping my eyes peeled for are Stratech Systems and Asiatic Group Holdings. The former has not seen any trading volumes and is still risky due to its debts and opaque earnings visibility. When May comes, we will know if all the brand building and collaboration will come into fruition. Asiatic Group on the other hand is on my radar because financing is and will remain issues. To my horror, several firms, including a few Malaysian firms are in French Indochine doing the power generation business. I am hoping that Asiatic Group will stand out hand above the rest of the competitors.

Sector wise, I am very heavily exposed to consumer staples at 36%, 17% technology, 12% biotechnology, 4% consumer discretionary, 18% financial, 3% utilities 11% commodities. Short term correction is possible over the next two weeks. I expect a pregnant pause in the markets again before it starts the next climb. Trading within a tight band is my choice description. I believe that at the end of the next 3 months, 30 June 2010, the STI will end up slightly higher than today.

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