Sunday, April 25, 2010

Portfolio Comments

The portfolio edge up by 1.1% helped to some extent, good showing by Action Asia, FJ Benjamin and TPV Technology. Action Asia posted a strong 1Q10 showing (covered in an earlier post) while TPV has convincingly surged past the $1.10 mark following the close of offer.

GMG Global also reported its 1Q10 results at the close of Friday. This stock has since stagnated in terms of share price. For those who like me, bought at $0.10 thereabouts, I see the next rise in price only 3-6 months, as the fundamentals need to catch up with the accompanying euphoria.

Market Call

Friday Thursday
*ST Index 2,988.49  +7.8 2,980.69  +13.04

Volume: 1,729.7M 1,715.7M
Value: $1,413.8M $1,605.2M
Gainers/Losers: 261/243 204/297

I am guessing that Monday will be UP 5 point +/-2.5 as usual.

Actual: STI UP  14.13

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