Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bought Auric Pacific Group

Bought 3 lots of Auric Pacific Group at $0.68 with some of the savings as well as dividends from last year.  This makes it $22,000 of capital injected pumped in so far. Hesitated a bit about what price to enter but given the stock's relative lack of liquidity, I scooped them up somewhere between hi-lo price for the day. I really hope to stop buying stocks for the rest of the year or I will be holding not enough emergency funds.

Nonetheless, I am keeping my fingers cross that most of my stocks that are due to report their full year results in end February, declare sweet dividends. For the calendar year 2010, I received dividends of $1,280, which works to 6.8% yield-to-cost. That amount is still much smaller than the five figures that MusicWhiz got for the full year that has just past.

So for the first two days of trading has been positive with the STI surging past 3,200. Let us hope the momentum continues for the rest of the year.


  1. Hi!

    You mentioned 3 lots of Auric Pacific @ 68 cents, but that you pumped in $22,000. Shouldn't it be either 30 lots or that you pumped in $2,200?

    Don't worry too much about your dividends' absolute amount. As your portfolio grows larger the numbers will start to get bigger as well!

    All the best!

  2. Hey MW,

    poor sentence construction. I meant to say that with the latest purchase, the amount of money taken from my job ("capital")and into stocks has reached $22,000. There are ways to keep track of the gains from sales as well as dividends received to track performance, but at the moment I am more fixated on the performance of the money that could be in the piggy bank.

    happy 2011 by the way!

  3. Why did you pick auric, it is a not making profit.

  4. Pika,

    Auric is making a profit... It made about SGd4million for the first nine months of its financial year ending 31 december 2010.


  5. Sorry, my mistake. The company is making profit but not sure about the amount... www.sharesinv.com: S$4mil, investing.businessweek.com: S$2mil

    But they had incurred huge losses for the pass years. Not too sure about outstanding debt...

  6. it made 3 million NPAT to shareholders... 4 million is NPAT without deducting MI... as for debts, as of 3Q, it has about 16-7 million short and long term debt... but it has cash and equivalent of 63 million...

    however about 30 million plus of the cash will be used for its Real estate fund which will develop properties in Hunan... Personally i think this is the most significant project because it will eat up alot of cash....