Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stock Portfolio XIRR Is 74.56%

I have recalculated my XIRR with special thanks to CreateWealth8888. Here, some of the figures are revised to exclude the realized gains that have been recycled. Transactions now show Capital added = Actual proceeds - realized profits used - dividends used. I got 74.56% before deducting for any transaction costs and I truly hope this is the correct way this time.

A quick comment. The Straits Times Index is now 3.89% lower than its 3-month high of 3313.91 set on 9 November last year. After a furious start to the year, it looks like a possibility of the Index returning to the 3,000 mark looks very close, my time frame being the next three months. There will definitely be rallies, but 3,000 with the next three months is what I am guessing may come to fruition.

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