Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How much are you making compared to your peers?

Something for you to reflect on 2010 in terms of how much money you are making for your job compared to your peers. This is a follow up to the post where we found that most readers here make more than $75,000 per annum.


  1. Perhaps it's not how much you make that's important, but how much you manage to save! :D

  2. Dear musicwhiz,
    How much you manage to save + invest?? :-)


  3. I think when we are young we should try to make as much as possible through your various job. That is why I am thoroughly impressed by WealthBuch tenacity in giving tuition while holding a full time job.
    There is so much you can save and there is only so much money you can make through careful investing. That's why you can see so many people fall for get-rich-quick schemes, hahaha.

  4. If your needs are simple you are rich already.
    No need to wait for tommorrow.